Fat no more
Selena, look alike, LOVE
I'm 22 years old and 230lbs. This is my personal weight loss struggles. I'm kind of paranoid someone will stumble on this who knows me so I'm not sure if I will make this private or not. I'm kind of paranoid.

A bit about me. I got married to my high school sweetheart after graduation. It was stupid but he was joining the Marines. I'm trying to make it work but sometimes I don't think it will. He has cheated on me and isn't at all who he said he was. He's angry all the time and his mom is constantly keeping tabs saying I am doing everything wrong. I wish we waited. I am losing the weight because I am tired of being the fat friend or the girl with a pretty face. I also am tired of being called names. I want to go to college but no one wants to help me. It's depressing to see people you went to high school with graduating in may.


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